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ISP Connectivity Issue

Minor incident Production Environment - Production: BuyNow Hosted Pages - Production: Web Services (API) - Production: SnapConsole - Production: Reports Sandbox Environment - Sandbox: BuyNow Hosted Pages - Sandbox: Web Services (API) - Sandbox: SnapConsole - Sandbox: Reports
2020-11-16 16:36 PDT · 1 hour, 10 minutes



In the recent hour, we have experienced short-term, random connectivity interruptions (hiccups) on both Data Centers caused by an outage on our main ISP’s end.

During the event timeframe, we identified interruptions in both Production and Sandbox environments - affecting the access to Hosted Checkout Pages, API, and Reports. We are working with our ISP provider to better understand the root cause of the outage

December 4, 2020 · 03:55 PDT

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